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I am excited to announce that I am back in the bike building business and resurrecting Fat Chance Bicycles. Because the Yo Eddy continues to be a favorite of so many riders around the world, I have decided to begin with the Yo Eddy Team Fat Chance. The first round of Yo Eddy frames will be available directly from Fat Chance and only through the Fat Chance KickStarter campaign. Your support will help fund the first run of Yo Eddy frames and bring Fat Chance Bicycles back.

I am turning to you, the riders who love and appreciate Fat Chance Bicycles, to “crowd fund” this project and help me begin making frames again.

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Product Availability

To stay true to our roots, we are in the process of “crowd funding” Fat Chance Bicycles through KickStarter. To that end, we are offering our products for “pre-sale” through the Fat Chance Bicycles KickStarter Campaign. We will offer products through this website when all of the KickStarter “rewards” have been fulfilled, most likely late in 2015.